Join me for Jewelry & Architecture in Barcelona

I was blown away by the city on my research trip: it’s gorgeous and so alive. The exceptional food (17 Michelin star restaurants), vibrant street life and ubiquitous art keep you wanting more. The city’s centuries-old history is ever-present and what could have been an architectural hodge-podge is more like a treasure hunt.

From Tehran to Toronto: Pasha Moezzi’s Jewelry Journey

Pasha’s got an interesting story. He grew up in Tehran in a family of aesthetes, jewelry and fashion lovers. Listening to him talk about his upbringing, I could visualise the extreme elegance and refinement that has always been a trademark of Iranian society. His father, a furniture maker, privileged a minimal approach and has been a great inspiration to Pasha’s jewelry.  

John Moore, Contemporary Jewelry without Borders

On my recent trip to London I caught up with John Moore, winner of the Goldsmiths’ Company Award for his “Lacewing Verto” necklace. I asked John to select his favourite works from the recent Collect exhibit at the Saatchi gallery. As you will see, there is very little contemporary jewelry — but John is fascinated by all sorts of disciplines.

An Interview with London Craft Week

With the upcoming London trip in partnership with London Craft Week, I sat down with them to discuss everything Rue Pigalle: how jewellery can tell a story, the careful curation of my bespoke trips and why the emotional connection with handmade objects is more important than ever.