Time Will Tell

Time Will Tell

Watch wearing is completely divorced from time keeping. Yet, still carries, at a subconscious level, the enormous importance time has in one’s life.

The giving of a watch used to be a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood. It came with the responsibility of looking after an important objet that would last your entire life. Mid-life, you sometime bought an “evening watch”, for special occasions only — but what an extravagance that was.

Then came the Swatch — fun, cheap, unbreakable, followed by the cellphone and its permanent time display that almost killed the watch.

But the pendulum is swinging back. Studies show that when we lose someone close to us, the first memento we want is either their watch or their reading glasses. How to ignore the profound intimacy we feel when wearing someone’s watch? So profound that you would not try on someone’s watch without asking first, would you? There is also a renewal for a thoughtful approach to spending — less is more so it needs to be of good quality and with meaning. Of course, there is the watch as a status symbol (yawn…).

I did a very un-scientific survey of friends and clients spanning age 24 to 65. If many mentioned having a "fun" or "fashionable" watch, all had a "special" watch that will be passed on — but not once was time keeping mentioned! Interestingly, men are the collectors and view watches as a style signifier. 

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Women LOVE wearing a masculine watch.

And although we tend to think of the millenials as technology obsessed, the consensus is for a watch with classic flair.

Big or small, classic or futuristic, cheap or expensive, it's a bit of a free for all as long as the watch we wear has good design. I wear a masculine oversized square watch and always get compliments on it. 

Newgate Watches

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