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From Tehran to Toronto: Pasha Moezzi’s Jewelry Journey

Pasha’s got an interesting story. He grew up in Tehran in a family of aesthetes, jewelry and fashion lovers. Listening to him talk about his upbringing, I could visualise the extreme elegance and refinement that has always been a trademark of Iranian society. His father, a furniture maker, privileged a minimal approach and has been a great inspiration to Pasha’s jewelry.  

Janaina Milheiro Feather Artist

A few years ago at a textile exhibit opening, I overheard a guest ask the artist about her woven piece "What is it for?". Stunned by the question, the artist finally replied "It's to make you dream". 

Visiting the atelier of textile artist designer Janaina Milheiro during our September Paris trip, I could not help but think "It's to make me dream". 

Say No To The Infernal Cycle of Fashion

On my left, a fashion industry that churns out 52 collections a year, is designed to make us feel “out of trend”, that plays on our insecurities—and I’m not even going to wade into the ethical debate of waste production, energy consumption and all that c*@p.

On my right, a fashion industry that nurtures artisanal fabrication by specialised ateliers, full knowledge of the supply chain, hiring of apprentices to transmit artisanal know-how and techniques, and small seasonal collections.

A Quiet Boldness with OlgaJeanne

OlgaJeanne woven ribbons provoke the same frisson as traditional gemstones and shiny metals which we have come to expect when we think of jewelry. I find it fascinating how a subtle variation in the weave of the ribbon (soutache or gros grain) impacts the mechanical movement of the necklace, its harmony with the body.