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The Courage of Bespoke

The thrill of having a custom-made piece of jewelry is often tempered by the anxiety of not knowing what you are going to get in the end. Few of us have enough imagination, vision and knowledge to really envisage in detail what the final bauble will look like. To give you the courage to take the leap, I’m going to share a few tips with you.

The case for bespoke fashion

When you can pick up a dress for $80, a coat for $150 and shoes for under $200, all delivered to your home within 24 hours of the click of the mouse,  why would you want to spend hundreds on bespoke pieces? What does it say about you if you can't find what you like in a store or online, considering the over abundance of choice we have? 

Anita’s Canadian Fashion Year in Review

Canadian fashion had a very good 2017. I noticed an uptake in buzz surrounding local talent during the year via social media and in the news. Brands were gaining and retaining new high profile retail accounts. Way more celebrities were wearing Canadian this year too.  Here’s a recap of some of the things that made me scream out YES in 2017.

“Let me just check with her sister…”

I hear this so often (replace “sister” with “best friend/mother/daughter/housekeeper/etc.”) – from young men, grown men, newly weds or long standing partners. There is no rule, no standard, no set frame to determine the kind of guy who will default to it. Some of you seem to get into a state of panic, frozen mind, lost at sea when it comes to picking a personal gift for your girl.

Anita's #shoplocal Holiday Gift Guide

I start my holiday shopping late every year. I can't seem to change it, so I've adapted to keep my sanity. Now, I visit my favourite shops to find the perfect gifts. Shopping local isn't as easy as ordering from Amazon, but it's more thoughtful, memorable and original.

Introducing Galerie Rue Pigalle

On Tuesday night, we opened our holiday pop-up shop, Galerie Rue Pigalle, at Yorkville Village with a bang! Throughout the night, the city's style lovers came through our fabulous space to indulge in unique fashion pieces and engage with the Stacklab objets and furnishings. It was a wonderful way to kick off the holiday shopping season! Check out our photos of the Galerie and the party, and be sure to come visit us before December 31st!

Scarves for All Occasions

We are beginning to lose daylight and there is a definite chill in the air. With the holidays approaching we're all starting to feel the pressure: a party here, gift shopping there. It's a lot! But don't panic, there's always a silver lining and this season it comes in the form of scarves. Below find a few different ways to include them in your wardrobe while (literally) wrapping up the loose ends of the coming season.

Announcing the Opening of Galerie Rue Pigalle

I am very excited to announce the opening on November 28th of Galerie Rue Pigalle, on the Upper Floor of Yorkville Village (previously Hazelton Lane).  Look for illustrious art and fashion heavy weights such as Belstaff, Galerie Bellefeuille, Jean-Pierre Fortin or TNT Concept and you will find little me in the mix—I’ll be there until December 31st.

Say No To The Infernal Cycle of Fashion

On my left, a fashion industry that churns out 52 collections a year, is designed to make us feel “out of trend”, that plays on our insecurities—and I’m not even going to wade into the ethical debate of waste production, energy consumption and all that c*@p.

On my right, a fashion industry that nurtures artisanal fabrication by specialised ateliers, full knowledge of the supply chain, hiring of apprentices to transmit artisanal know-how and techniques, and small seasonal collections.