Exhibition: Dazzle 2018

Exhibition: Dazzle 2018

‘I knew them before they were famous’: This year’s exhibition is all about fresh talent.

With thousands of new jewelry designers emerging in Europe every year, it’s impossible to constantly keep track of what’s hot and what’s not. This is why the bi- annual Dazzle Exhibition is a must-see. Held for the 142nd time, this August in Edinburgh, the collection features Europe’s top jewelry artists - conveniently - in one large hall.

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So what makes Dazzle so unique?

Since its launch in 1981, its aim has been simple: to recognize the most talented students upon graduation, and feature them alongside internationally renowned designers.

We’ll get straight to it then. Lynne MacLachlan steals the show, with fascinating pieces that are craftily suited to wear around your neck as well as being the new centerpiece in your living room. Using 3D printing and innovative skills, Lynne uses the latest technology to create award-winning designs.

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Lynne MacLachlan

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Using similar tools is local Glaswegian artist Isla Christie. She uses a fascinating method of ‘slicing 3D models’ to create intricate and striking designs. How gruesomely awesome does that sound?!

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Isla Christie

We can’t leave the studios before having a look at one of Europe’s youngest jewelry designers. Adrienn Pesti only graduated from Glasgow College of Art last summer, and she’s already making her name amongst the top artists, impressing the jewelry world with her conceptual design work. She creates her pieces with an aim to ease social interaction and integration. Uhm, how soon can she write that book?

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Adrienn Pesti

Is there anything more refreshing than young, provocative artists? (Here’s looking at you, Duchamp). There is nothing quite so satisfying as claiming you ‘knew them before they were famous’. Dazzle gives the young ones a chance, and take your time to appreciate their efforts. You never know what you might find.

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Dazzle gives the young ones a chance, and take your time to appreciate their efforts.

You never know what you might find.

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Harry Winston can vouch for that.

At age 12, he saw potential in a 2-carat emerald, bought it for 25 cents and two days later sold it for 800 dollars.

I’m not saying we’ll all have Mr Winston’s luck, but my message of the day would be to give young artists a chance. Take a risk. We all have to start somewhere. You might find an unusual piece at Dazzle from a local Scottish artist you’ve never heard of. And, who knows, maybe in a couple of years your own sliced 3D model, society- challenging necklace will be the talk of the town...

Are you in the UK this August? Visit the Dazzle Collection at Dovecot Studios, or find out where the next one will be. Dazzle takes place twice a year, in Edinburgh and London.

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Article by Claudia Esnouf

With a multi cultural upbringing and a love for travel, Claudia scours galleries and art exhibits in Scotland and the UK in search of surprising jewellery and art. Her style influencers are the Duchess of Cambridge, Blair Waldorf and her Mum.

Image Credits: Claudia Esnouf, The Loupe / Permission to take photographs was granted at the Dovecot Studios

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